Time Path is our proposal for the design competition ‘The City of Ostend calls urban designers to the beach’.

This design competition sets out in search of an innovative type of infrastructure and an image quality to enhance the beach experience in the 21st century, outside of the classical tourism season. The design competition specifically looks for a way to enrich the beach experience outside of the summer season. During the fall and winter months, the seafront promenade is quickly lost to the apartment buildings’ shadows. A new walkway on the beach could give residents and visitors the chance to enjoy the Ostend coastline during the fall and winter months. Enjoy the mild winter sun, the salty sea air, the sound of the waves with your family. The design competition aims to develop both a visual language and strategies to allow these restaurant and facility infrastructures to make a contribution to the image quality of the historically renowned Ostend seafront. In addition, this beach walkway could grow into a striking bit of (landscape) architecture, allowing the walkway to develop into a tourist attraction in its own right.

Our ambition with the ‘Time Path’ is to get into the spirit of Leopold II on the one hand by highlighting important sights on the city or draw attention to majestic buildings. On the other hand we complete the Green Ribbon as a continuous route. For this we create a toolbox of different kinds of paths situated at the beach. These paths we call the ‘gradient path’ where a wide variety of context, feelings and vista’s will pass by.

Another structuring entity that forms the coastal line of Ostend are the apartment buildings. Especially the shadows they cast during daytime, are a major factor on how the environment of the boulevards feels like. Both in temperature, light and subjective manners of the users. In our design we will work with these shadows. We also work with the concept of ‘giving back what is taken during daytime’. At different points within our pathways we create ‘view points’. At these viewpoints we create a beacon of light that high- lights this area during night. Since days are short midwinter, we can fully benefit of this.

This proposal is a collaboration between Buro Boris, Jasmien Smets and Quiryn Kaasschieter

You can read the proposal here