IABR expert meeting: The value of the public space

On the 10th of the June organized Buro Boris together with David Dooghe an expert meeting on the IABR in Rotterdam on the value of the public space.


This expert meeting focused on two central questions:

1_The amount of entrepreneurs that develops new products or services, from a circular economy perspective, increases. If these entrepreneurs no longer will be a niche, but will form a mainstream market, what will be the effect on the city and more specific its public space?

2_During this expert meeting were three scenarios of an Urban Circular Economy in the city and their effects on the public space presented. These scenarios were furthermore used to debate the case study BlueCity: What are the challenges and opportunities of opening up the former Tropicana building for the public?


During the expert meeting were some interesting new insights evoked which will be very useful to work further on.

The report of the expert meeting can be read here.